Why "Of Oz The Wizard" is a Discordian masterpiece

Posted on: Fri, 01/08/2016 - 19:06 By: Tom Swiss

I don't know what inspired Matt Bucy to take The Wizard of Oz and remix so that every bit of dialog is in alphabetical order. But in so doing he's given a brilliant illustration of one of the core tenet of Discordianism, the "Law of Eristic Escalation": Imposition of Order = escalation of Disorder.

By imposing an order on The Wizard of Oz that does not arise naturally from the work, Bucy has created beautiful chaos. Hail Eris!

Some Madman Edited The Wizard Of Oz To Be In Alphabetical Order, And I Can’t Look Away (www.cinemablend.com)

Sometimes you have to just sit back and appreciate the internet in all of its ludicrous glory. Sure, there will be some of you that think the decision by a deranged editor to slice together all of the dialogue from The Wizard Of Oz in alphabetical order is a giant waste of time, when it actually it should be celebrated for being so hugely superfluous but still finding an audience on the world wide web. The result is also oddly hypnotic. Especially when it gets to actual words....


...It’s like watching a children’s book on a bad acid trip, but with all of the splendour and glory of a classic Hollywood production.


We still have no reasonable explanation for why Matt Bucy ultimatel decided to edit The Wizard Of Oz in this fashion. Or how he did it. I mean, did he meticulously pair up each use of these words then figure out the alphabetical order? Or did he receive help from some kind of software? Either way you can’t help but be impressed with how many times he must have watched the movie in order to complete this task.