Armed vigilantes driveway with a tree to force quarantine

Posted on: Mon, 03/30/2020 - 10:57 By: Tom Swiss
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Vigilantism is always a bad idea. Vigilantism when you don't even know that the neighbors you think just arrived from New Jersey fleeing the disease outbreak have actually been there for a month...

Armed vigilantes blocked a neighbor's driveway with a tree to force him into quarantine (CNN)

A Maine man said armed neighbors descended on his home and chopped down a tree to block his road and prevent him from leaving because they believed he may have coronavirus....Officers learned that some residents believed the roommates needed to be quarantined. None of the roommates, who were from New Jersey and were renting a home in Vinalhaven while working a construction job since September, showed symptoms consistent with Covid-19, deputies said. The residents had been on the island for nearly a month before the incident took place.