Anti-DUI surveillance devices in your car

Posted on: Sun, 01/02/2022 - 11:06 By: Tom Swiss
photo of car keys and alcohol

Authoritarian progressives have plans to put surveillance devices in your car in the name of reducing drunk driving.

What if cars could stop you from driving drunk? A peek at the latest tech

The recent infrastructure law included a provision mandating that, starting in a few years, all new cars must include some sort of technology to detect and prevent drunk driving.


So how might this technology actually work? The new law doesn't specify, but there are a few approaches that been explored in recent years. They fall in two main categories: systems that measure your blood alcohol level while you do normal driving tasks, and cameras that watch for tell-tale signs of drunkenness.

Advocates of impairment testing over chemical screens have been pointing out for decades that there are simple ways to test people's reaction time (press the button when the light goes on) and focus (show a six digit number, make them repeat it after ten seconds) that detect impairment whether from alcohol, other drugs, lack of sleep, medical conditions, or any other source. These tests directly measure qualities needed to operate a motor vehicle or other heavy machinery safely, without regard to the cause of impairment.

But of course that's not where our social control technocrats are pushing us. They're talking about putting cameras into every car to spy on drivers, or sensors to monitor drivers' (and incidentally passengers') bodies