School Called Cops On Down Syndrome Kindergartner For Finger Gun

Posted on: Thu, 02/13/2020 - 00:28 By: Tom Swiss
Margot Gaines and her parents

On the one hand we have "open carry" protestors who think it's cool to walk around with uncovered rifles on city streets as if they were on a battlefield; on their other we have hoplophobes so panicked by the dread image of The Gun that they will call the police on a kindergartner -- a kindergartner with Down Syndrome, yet. Laws aside, maybe -- just maybe -- we could find a sweet spot in between these extremes in our social attitude towards firearms.

A school called police after a kindergartner with Down syndrome pointed a finger gun at her teacher. The girl's mom says they went too far (CNN)

Maggie Gaines called on the Tredyffrin-Easttown School District to update its threat assessment policy after her 6-year-old daughter Margot was questioned by administrators for making a gun gesture at her elementary school teacher and pretended to shoot her.Gaines said it was a harmless expression of anger. But Margot's school in southeast Pennsylvania determined her actions appeared threatening, so they conducted a threat assessment.

Administrators concluded that Margot made a "transient threat" and didn't intend to harm anyone, but they still called Tredyffrin police.