Texas proposal to kill all pit bulls

Posted on: Sun, 01/16/2011 - 12:22 By: Tom Swiss

Texas is supposed to be a tough, rugged state. But apparently someone like me might be just too tough for Texas. Why? Because I live with a pit bull mix, while Texas Senator Kevin Eltife and Representative Chuck Hopson are set to sponsor a bill pushed by attorney and former state district judge Cynthia Stevens Kent to make "ownership" of pit bull type dogs a felony -- meaning, basically, "kill all pits".

Of course any fatal dog bite is a tragic thing. But according to an oft-miscited study by the the Centers for Disease Control, "Fatal attacks represent a small proportion of dog bite injuries to humans and, therefore, should not be the primary factor driving public policy concerning dangerous dogs. Many practical alternatives to breed-specific ordinances exist and hold promise for prevention of dog bites." The push for breed-specific laws is based on several selection biases -- people who want viscous dogs are more likely to select certain breeds, leading other to become paranoid that these breeds are inherently vicious. Over the years German Shepards, Dobermans, and Rottweilers have been the target of this phenomenon.

If you live in Texas, please write your representatives in opposition to this attempt to exterminate innocent dogs. I thank you, and Ringo thanks you.

It is a good idea. Pit bulls were designed by people who have no just ends in mind, and who will only cause widespread grief in America just as happened in Europe in the past. Owners of pit bulls appear to be of the same kind of despicable intent. Felonizing pit bulls should take place in at least one of the States.

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You have no idea what you are talking about. Pit bulls are just the latest breed to be demonized by the ignorant and adopted by those who beat dogs into viscousness. Of their own nature, they are intelligent, loving, non-aggressive dogs.

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YOU have no idea what you are talking about. They represent by far the highest incident rate of attacks on other dogs as well as human children, and frequently you find they have been owned since being weeks old by fairly normal households, who don't do the "beat into viciousness" routine you talk about. I've personally known a friend who had a pit bull since it was a puppy, that WAS a sweet dog for a few years, then turned on its owners, and everyone who came nearby, they put it down after it tried to attack a child family member who came to visit.

Their vet told them pit bulls have a genetic issue that leads their brains to continue growing past the age they should stop, and frequently this causes increased aggression and volatility in their behavior. The dogs are a problem, and I'd love to see them all put down, especially from cumstains like you who just want to see their own side win. You have the blood of children on your hands.

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As of February 12, 2012, Pit bulls are NOT on the rise for attack rates. They are in the 82 % range for NON-AGGRESSIVE dogs... And 80 % for MOST LOYAL and OBEDIENT dogs... Search the ATTP web site. Thats American Temperment Test Society Inc. Pit Bulls are not Agressive dogs. They are like regular HUMANS. They DO as they are TRAINED. Apparently your mother trained you to have a lack of knowledge or didn't show you how to put your facts in place... so your dog would be just as dumb. If I trained my child to pee out side, I can train my dog to pee out side... And HE DOES. If I provide that it is OKAY for my child to fight then I can train my dog to FIGHT. It's all in how ANY dog not just pit bulls are raised.... They go by what they are TAUGHT. I have 3 Pit bulls. And they are the BIGGEST babies you will EVER meet. But... They are TRAINNNNEEEDDD to PROTECT my FAMILY and MY HOME. Unless I WELCOME you in, They WILL attack... WHY because that is their TRAINED JOB as a title in my family as well as my child or compaignion. They will love and protect as a FREAKIN CHUAHAH... DONT BLAME THE BREED... BLAME THE HAND THAT TRAINED HIM.

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Most toothless rednecks only know what they're talking about at the bar or their wives sisters bedroom.
Kill the pit bull in front of their owners! Let the watch as the blood flows and the eyes no longer see.

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You can't be as stupid as you sound. The pit bull is bread for it's aggressiveness and violent traits. The perfect fighting animal. These mistakes in breeding have no place in society. They are a time bomb waiting to go off, and when they do, their owners wonder how a breed of dog that was created to kill possably hurt anyone. This world is full of ignorant morons that refuse to see the reality that pit bulls were made to kill. So, if you own one don't be surprised when your neighbor blows your dogs head off to save their child then sues you for everything you own. You can't fix stupid.

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pitbulls were breed for fighting. plain and simple. no way of getting around that, but if you actually did some real research, youd know that they are NOT HUMAN aggressive, the complete opposite their animal aggressive. numerous factors contribute to that. its a lack of ownership and responsibilty on the owners part and its fucking retarded if you say other wise. i can already tell your head strong and wont budge no matter what FACTS are thrown at you. go die in a hole you dog hater

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If all pit bulls were beaten into "viscousness", there'd be no pit bull problem. ;-)

You focus on fatal dog bites to the neglect of non-fatal ones. But OK, let's play that game. From 2005 through 2013, pits accounted for 62.2% of all US dog bite fatalities - that's nearly 2 out of 3. Throw in rotts and we're at 73.9% - that's nearly 3 out of 4. (source: www.DogsBite.org) Now tell us how they all were intelligent, loving, non-aggressive dogs that were beaten into viciousness. BULLSHIT! Exterminate both breeds.

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Thank you! But numbers and inarticulate trogledites can't count unless its the days until ptheir sisters period is done.
Pitbulls will someday be marked as "kill on sight". I am in!!!

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Of these type of dogs must be killed why r u kind for these beast kill kill kill

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My little mini dachshund loved me to. You could see it in her eyes even as the pit bull crushed the life
out of her in front of me, my wife and many of the neighborhood children.
Come convince me, I dare you to try.
Aren't your guns good enough? You need another weapon?
Cowards and heartless bastards! All of you! KILL THE PITBULLS ANYWAY YOU CAN!

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your obviously not educated on pitbulls, even though i can you think you are. you take basic stereo-typical myths and try to educate people. your inhumane for even thinking that killing off a specific breed is whats going to solve the problem. people like you make me sick and piss me off tremendously.

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You're not very educated about your pitbulls. You cannot even seem to figure out when to use you're or your in a sentence or why the two words are not interchangeable. Just evidence in support of the type of illiterate moron who owns a pitbull. They make excuses for these monsters because THEIR dog is the sweetest pup on the planet. How many dog breeds kill infants and children every year at the rate of pitbulls? How many house pets have the capability of literally being able to rip off limbs of their owners?

Kill all of these animals. They did not evolve naturally, and they have no place in the ecosystem. They cannot even get along with each other or other dogs. Ignorant people like you cannot read scientific or behavioral studies on this breed of dog, so you go by your experience as an owner or friend of somebody who owns one you like. But the reality is that these dogs will bond to a human or a family but present a lethal danger to everyone else and their loved pets and small children. It is NOT okay for you to have your own personal demon dog if it presents a danger to others, and pitbulls definitely do. Now please go back to school and learn how to write.

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Your previous statements that pit bulls brains continue to grow inside their head in an urban myth, and is demonstrably false. Pit bulls have about the same average life span as any other dog, but if your statement were true, then it would stand to reason that their life span would be lower, because such growth would eventually kill the dog.

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Hey guys, this pig just used the word "educated"! Who taught him that?!?
If an education were available you wouldn't know where to begin. I alone and for one, will make it my omission to destroy these misbegotten animals called pit bulls.

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I understand that on a first gut response we want to kill those dangerous angry dogs, but it is the organizers of dog fighting who deserve to be killed. They are the depraved scum of the earth. Using innocent lesser dogs as bait to make them more aggressive. Killing non aggressive dogs as puppy's these people if you can call them that are true psychopaths, this happens in America and America should be ashamed.Torturing animals for I'll gotten gain is soul destroying, betting on games like this is worse, America pretends it is a Christian country and evil like this, pure evil. The killing and Torturing of innocents, why is something not done about this, it can be stopped, but animals first need rights, they are not the perpetrators they are the victims. If you don't agree with what I'm saying, fun you, you evil sissy barfard. If there is a hell you are definitely going there.

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And slap the stupid stupid owners. They are a destructive species and should not be tolerated on our planet. And don't tell me it's how they are raised!!! ,I've witnessed otherwise.

i live in texas and if the state makes that a law . i will help themput bullits in the heads of any pit .hell they got a bad rep for a reason!

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hey u ass. if youve never had a oit bull then dont judge them. its the owners fault. not the dogs. i got my dog Milo from a High kill place there and he had acid poured on him, beaten, lit on fire, and put in a trash bag and left for the dead. he was just a puppy. whos the real monster now? When it comes to PIT BULLS... the Beast is often the TWO LEGGED ANIMAL at the Other end of the leash. so dont judge a book by its cover. Judge The Deed Not The Breed And Give Pit Bulls A Try Before You Sentence Them ALL To Die. ANY dog can be rehabilitated. if i was a Pit Bull i would say " dont judge me becuase im a Pit Bull, i dont judge you"

What Pit bulls are really like!

10. They will steal your spot on the couch while you are up getting a soda.

9. They will take the treat you give them and bury in the back yard like a paranoid crack head hiding their stash.

8. They will jump on your bed with muddy feet. Making you do the laundry...again!

7. They will lick visitors with an uncontrolled passion only they

6. They will cause children to smile.

5. They will make you feel horrible for not walking them by looking at you with deep sad eyes.

4. They will look at you like you committed a crime against them if you don't let them lick your ice cream bowl.

3. They will cause wide spread happiness in large group settings.

2. They will crack you up by shaking their butts so hard you think they are going to snap in half.

And the number one reason why you can't trust vicious Pit Bulls...

1. They will steal your heart like a thief in the night, showing you complete and pure love that only a Pit Bull can show.

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My little mini dachshund did those things too, until one of your hidious little playmate pit bull decided to put an end to that for good.
You stink, your taste in pets stinks, your words STINK. KILL THOSE DOGS ONE BY ONE OR EN MASS!

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i hope something horrible happens to you and your family. your the most uneducated person probaly alive. for you to say,"Kill them all." with no background or understanding for the species, you dont deserve to live either. i dont know you, but i hate every part of your body. fuck you dog hater

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Screw you ,you piece of filth ..kill all pittbulls and then come to your house and shoot your dumbass.
Take out the trash all the way around .

This is the most stupid comment I've ever read ever. Pitbulls are pitbulls and owning one is a really big responsibility and the owner should be ready for consequences. Training and keeping the dog under control at all times are the key. Like in all breed, there are good dogs and bad dogs, but not pitbulls. We must always assume that pitbulls will on berserk given the chance. Here in the Philippines, pitbulls are one of the most popular breed but rarely will there be an attack. Because we know pitbulls and the best way to prevent it, is to keep it under control at all times.

educate yourself before being opionated on something you clearly have no ethnical background on. their amazing dogs with nothing but love for humans, although they may have a high prey drive, they still can cope with any situation thrown at them, as long as the owner takes the time to actually research what the dog is capable of, its needs, and anything they can touch on in preventing confrontation.

All pit bulls should be killed!!! Period! No more discussion.

I own a pitbull! &; He isn't a Killer Nor a Hurter to anyone! He is loved by everyone in My block . He is full train like the K-9's have but for protection reason because where I live. Not all pitbulls are bad! It depends on the owner who has them makes them aggressive. My pit is one loving dog that shows it to everyone! &; if y'all don't like pitbulls than don't bother wasting your time on them of not getting them a chance who they are!!

Pitbull owners are selfish because they have a pitbull which to THEM is sweet and controllable, but bring your small dog or a cat over to a pit and he might literally bite it in half. This breed was bred for fighting and killing, and if he is sweet and docile it means he is not behaving normally for that breed. Golden Retrievers and Beagles are docile and sweet by nature, and if they are aggressive, then that is out of character for that breed. Its very simple.

But who do we see owning pirbulls and being advocates for them? White trash, ghetto thugs, cowards and dumb people. Hating pitbull terriers is not hating dogs, its hating pitbull terriers. They are genetic freaks, unstable and unpredictable. They should all be killed to protect the public and the far greater number of smaller, more peaceful dogs and cats and children who become victims of these four legged monsters.

Try teaching a bird dog not to point or a beagle not to follow it's nose. Saturday, despite my wife screaming and kicking it. A pittbull mauled our daucshund to death as she walked in on a city sidewalk on a leash. No waring, no mercy, a white streak from behind her and instant carnage.

I guess pitbull owners think they are entitled to have their dogs, but it's just plain "tough" if others have theirs torn to shreds.

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I'm very sorry for your loss.

However, to kill all pit bulls because of the bad actions of that one vicious dog is not rational.

If an Akita or a Husky or a German Shepherd or a lab had killed your dog, I'm sure you would not be pushing for BSLs against those breeds.

The comments here seem do be equally divided into the "pit bulls are angels" camp and the "destroy all pit bulls" camp. I've always felt that the biggest problem is the dog owner, and I'm not talking about the cruel owner that goes out of his way to make his dog mean. I'm talking about the dog owner who loves their pet, and treats them properly, BUT who doesn't understand that ANY dog can be dangerous.

In my adult life, I have owned a german shepherd lab mix, a shepherd pit bull mix, and a pit bull. My wife has always had chihuahuas. By far, the dog that was most agressive towards other animals was the shepherd/lab mix. None of my dogs have ever been aggressive towards people. However, knowing that I owned a powerfully and potentially dangerous dog, I took the steps that all dog owners should.

First, my dogs have been raised in a loving home and were properly socialized. Second, my dogs are never let loose or unattended outside the house. Our yard is fenced, and I am out there with my dog when he's outside. If a child should climb my fence, or another dog somehow get in, I'm there to get control of my dog.

At the park, he's always on a leash. My dog is a loving, well behaved animal, but he is still an animal, and that means unpredictable. I don't assume that since he has always been good with other pets and with children that he doesn't pose a potential threat to them. It's my job as the pet owner to see to it that my dog never a safety problem to the people or pets of my neighborhood.

Pit bull owners need to understand that the breed was designed to be powerful and tenacious. In a fight, it's a breed that will not back down and will ignore pain. A pit bull has a bite that has been measured to be nearly as powerful as a german shepherd's. I don't care how sweet your pit bull is, you need to have the attitude that it could become aggressive at any time (like any dog can), and that if it attacks, it's a dangerous animal.

Most fatal dog attacks occur when the owner has left their dog unattended in their yard. Even if you have a small dog, it's not a good idea to leave them alone outside.

As far as outlawing pit bulls, if that came to pass, the dog of choice for the thug in a wifebeater would be the rottweiler. Outlaw them, and it becomes the doberman. That wannabe tough guy of our society will always find a breed that they can turn into a monster in order to make them feel like more of a man.

If a Pit bull is running loose I sohoot it dead. close up I use a .357 magnum, at longer range I use a 30/30 I blow their vicious brains out, one shot one kill. If I'm in a truck and one gets near the road I wait until it's close and run the monster down.
I hate Pit Bulls.
I've had horses injured, pet dogs killed and stock maimed.
I see one loose, I kill it dead.

As I tried to save my little dog the pitbulls southern whore of an owner yelled, "You are making it worse.
Filthy, ignorant, rotten piece of great American emissis!
She was sure to get herself and her canine murderer out of there before the sheriff showed up. Never to be found.
Fuck you and your fucking pitbull you cocksuckers!