Man attacks famous Wall Street bull statue with a banjo

Posted on: Wed, 09/11/2019 - 09:53 By: Tom Swiss
Charging Bull statue

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Tevon Varlack, a 42-year-old truck driver from Dallas, bashed the heck out of the famous bronze Charging Bull statue with a banjo. Turns out a metal banjo can do some damage; he left a six-inch gash as well as other scratches.

Police have charged him with criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and...criminal possession of a weapon, apparently the banjo. This overcharging is obviously punishment for symbolically attacking one of New York's sacred cows -- er, sacred bulls -- the stock market.

Varlack appeared for arraignment on Sunday wearing a white t-shirt with the words “Let Us Not Forget The Ten Commandments”. No motive for his actions has yet been reported.

(Article image: Joaqimo Kolloch [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)