just journaling: October already

Posted on: Sun, 10/08/2006 - 12:53 By: Tom Swiss

In the past few weeks I've heard two popular covers of songs that were big when I was in high school or my freshman year of college: "Land of Confusion", originally by Genesis, and "Gone Daddy Gone", originally by the Violent Femmes.

A new generation of musicians re-interpreting songs I grew up on. Ghods that makes me feel old.


Been on the chaos train again...this, that, and the other. Two weeks ago, I got Grandma Bert and Grandpop Len's piano moved from Mom and Dad's house to my place. Dad says he thinks the thing dates to the nineteen-teens. That evening, went to see Uncle Jeff and Aunt Cindy play music at an art gallery in Hampden...sort of a whole family music legacy day.

Last Friday, went to the Serenity Relaxation Center in Laurel to meet with the owners and demonstrate my mad shiatsu skills. We're still negotiating but I think it looks good that we'll come up with a deal for me to work there one afternoon a week.

Monday, I re-upped my CPR certification, which I need for my massage therapy certification. Working with the mannequins was like seeing old friends... The AED training was interesting, prompting a submission to the RISKS forum about user interface confusion...

October already. Can't believe it's almost a year since my Japan trip. I'm thinking about how to get back, taking another semester of Japanese, slowly making plans about putting an apartment in the house to help pay the mortgage while I'm away.