RIP Sensei Marion Ciekot

Posted on: Sun, 11/28/2010 - 16:49 By: Tom Swiss

Sensei Marion Ciekot was the branch chief for Seido Karate in Maryland for many years, from (I believe) its founding in 1976 until the early 1990s. He was my sensei for several of the those years, and all of the senior instructors now teaching in Maryland (Jun Shihan Kate, Jun Shihan Marc, Kyoshi Sandy, Kyoshi Karen, and I) trained under him.

While Sensei Ciekot eventually chose to leave Seido for reasons of his own, and I had not seen him in many years, still he was my sensei and a profound influence on my life. And he helped lay the foundations for Seido Karate in Maryland.

Osu Sensei. May you rest in peace.

I just learned of Sensei Ciekot's death in late 2010.

I trained under Sensei when we were Kyokushinkai-kan in the early '70's and made the transition to Seido around 1976. Having made many trips to the NYC headquarters with Sensei, I was one of his first black-belts (Aug. 1974).

Just last year, I learned that one of my NYC mentors, William Oliver, died of a heart attack at his dojo on the upper East side. I started trying to find Marion after than but was unsuccessful until I saw his obit and this web site.

Do you know the cause of Marion Ciekot's death?

Larry D'Apice
Glen Rock PA

I still maintain communication with Sensei Neal and would be glad to inquire.