Elizabeth Warren: another belligerent imperialist, dammit

Posted on: Fri, 06/10/2016 - 22:31 By: Tom Swiss

This is from two years back, but it turns out the next great hope of America's progressive Democrats, the one people are hoping could moderate Clinton as a VP or could be the candidate next time around, is yet another hawkish dingbat. Time to dump the Dems once and for all.

Elizabeth Warren Finally Speaks on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu (The Intercept)

But when Warren has spoken on national security, she has invariably spouted warmed-over, banal Democratic hawk tripe of the kind that she just recited about Israel and Gaza. During her Senate campaign, for instance, she issued wildly militaristic – and in some cases clearly false – statements about Iran and its nuclear program that would have been comfortable on the pages of The Weekly Standard.

Even as conservative Democratic Senate candidates from red states such as Nebraska’s Bob Kerrey were vehemently condemning the threat of war against Iran during their campaigns, Warren was claiming (contrary to the U.S. Government’s own assessment) that “Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons”, adding: “I support strong sanctions against Iran and believe that the United States must also continue to take a leadership role in pushing other countries to implement strong sanctions as well.” Those claims about Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons remained her position even after she was told that they squarely contradict the U.S. intelligence community’s clear assessment of Iran’s actions.