Christians who know "all about the apocalypse but not the Beatitudes"

Posted on: Thu, 10/06/2005 - 20:14 By: Tom Swiss

Tim Kreider, of The Pain - When Will it End?, gives the best description I've ever heard of the problem with most of the religious right in his artist's statement for last week's strip, in which he says of George W. Bush, "He was a mean drunk who got arrested for driving under the influence and threatened to beat up his father, and he was born again as a mean Christian who knew all about the apocalypse but not the Beatitudes."

Next time some hate-monger claims to be a Christian, quiz 'em on it; ask them to recite the Beatitudes, the heart of the teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph. (I can't, but then I don't claim to be a Christian.)

Personally, I do know the Beatitudes. I certainly know more about that than I know about the Apocalypse.

The next time you want to point out the hypocrisy of the "Christians" you might want to take a look at all of the duplicity found amongst the non-believers. There are at least as many non-believers that cry foul over some display of faith, as there are believers who speak out against the profanity and violence of our culture.

Remember...True Christians don't believe that they have no faults. True Christians admit their faults and seek to do better.