say no to a mandate without a public option

Posted on: Thu, 09/10/2009 - 09:53 By: Tom Swiss

If Bob Cesca is right about what's in Max Baucus's version of the health care reform bill, that it contains a mandate to give your money to private insurers, then that version must not pass. Indeed, no reform at all would be preferable to this give-away to the insurance parasites that got us into this mess -- a bill authored by the industry it's supposed to reform:

The short answer is that Baucus receives around $1500 a day from the health care lobby and PACs and he needs to keep his financiers wallowing in their own filth. But a more specific answer can be defined by who wrote the Baucus Plan.

Funny story. Baucus and his staff forgot to delete the name of the author of the plan from the Acrobat version of the document. Whoops!

In the Properties dialogue box of the PDF, in the "author" slot, the name Liz Fowler appears. Fowler is a Baucus staffer who was with the senator in the early part of this decade but left to take a breather in the private sector and only returned to Capitol Hill last year. During her time in the private sector, can you guess where Fowler worked?

She was the VP for Public Policy and External Affairs at WellPoint, the health insurance parent company of Blue Cross.

Really, it wouldn't matter if Baucus had written the legislation himself, since he's wholly owned by big pharma and the insurance giants. Between 2003 and 2008, they paid him over a $1,000,000. This is the guy who, in discussing his real employer's position on health care reform, said ""Merck is not ready for single pay. I mean, America."

If the Dems pass this, I'm switching parties. At least there are lines the Republicans won't cross.

There are options other than "Democrat" and "Republican", you know. One can even -- as I have since 1988 -- decline to affiliate with any of the group of lunatics known as political parties. (Yes, that goes for you too, Greens and Libertarians -- after the sad spectacle you both presented in 2008 by making failed dingbat major-party politicos your candidates, I've abandoned my occasional thoughts of joining up.)

Tom Swiss - proprietor,

Well Baucus receives around $1500 a day from the health care lobby and PACs It was better if Boucus plan writer's name not delete.I am thanking you for other her information that she belongs to the health insurance parent company of Blue Cross.