Vegetarian Glucosamine

Posted on: Wed, 08/31/2005 - 10:11 By: Tom Swiss

Things I didn't know were out there: I was under the impression that the only source for the popular supplement glucosamine (believed to support joint health) was shellfish. Turns out there are vegan sources. Deva makes a glucosamine with MSM and CMO supplement that's available at vegan specialty retailers; KAL makes a vegan glucosamine that you're more likely to find at your local store. I will probably add this to my regimen...maybe to Piccolo's too, she's been having some knee problems.

I was checking the internet last week for glucosamine, and put in an inquiry about a vegetarian friendly version, only to come up with the information that it was impossible. That glucosamine could only be found from shellfish or other animal sources. Imagine my surprise that a day later I wound up in a health food store and discovered liquid vegetable glucosamine. It's a strange combination of fruit flavor and something vile, but if it works it will be worth it.

NOW makes a vegetable-based glucosamine that is very good. Having this option is critical for those of us who are allergic to shellfish.