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British bars selling sex toys - in vending machines

Love that European sensibility about sex: bars and nightclubs in London and other British cities have begun selling sex toys such as mini-vibrators out of vending machines.

The company has also has exported about 20 of the machines to Italy and about 10 to the United States - that should be interesting, given our sexual politics these days...


You can now buy sex toys from vending machines, in the US. Check out

A great idea and opens the doors for people to buy the products without the embarrassment factor.

Got to if you are interested in getting involved in the business concept.

I'd be interested in seeing how the US-based vending machines are playing out.

Buying sex toys online relieves a lot of the stresses of buying them in stores!

That is great news to anyone in the sex toy bis. I just wished the US would follow up with something like this instead of trying to make sex toys illegal in certain states.

Wow a great idea Tabooboo! Sex Toys

How funny, seven years since this article was written and sex toy vending machines containing Vibrators for Females have made their way down under to Australia. Who would have thought! I know the Japanese are even a few steps ahead with used panties in vending machine, LOL. Strange times ahead...

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