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the luckiest deer in the state of maryland

I saw the luckiest deer in the state of Maryland today, on the way home from FSG. Saw him run from the median strip across four lanes of traffic into the woods and was unscathed. (And I suppose he must have run across he other four lanes to get into the median in the first place.)

Free Spirit Gathering 2008: I spun fire!

I spun fire!

Just back from FSG. Got to light up my fire poi and spin at the bonfire last night. Yay.

An interesting night - a strong storm came through and knocked out power. Our scheduled performance was a magic show with Jeff and Abbi McBride (a.k.a. Magnus and Spinner); being troupers, they offered to do a show by candlelight and flashlight. But someone came up with a generator - just enough power to run stage lights and sound - and the show was a blast.

An Open Letter to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

430 South Capitol Street

Washington, DC 20003

An Open Letter to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Dear DCCC:

I am greatly distressed and disappointed to learn that during the recent special Congressional election in Mississippi, the DCCC ran ads linking a key Republican donor, Sheldon Adelson, to what you refered to as "atheist China".

Certainly there are good reasons to point out the influences a
foreign nation - especially one with a questionable human rights record
- might have with a candidate.

But labeling China as "atheist" in this context can only be seen
as a slur against atheists.

"I see a shadow, black, cast by a crumpled piece of paper..."

As part of my "Cultivating Creativity" workshop, we did a little writing exercise, describing a balled-up piece of paper.

I see a shadow, black, cast by a crumpled piece of paper,the shadow crossing a join line of the fake wood floor. The line is dark against dark, straight as artificality, contrasting wiht the curves of the fake wood grain, the curves of the shadow, the wandering crumples and creases and flods of the paper.

Stevie Washington. The Angry Youth. Born to Die.

"Stevie Washington. The Angry Youth. Born to Die. New York's New York. The turn of the century. All crime."

Anybody else remember these? Ah, MTV back in the 80s. Good stuff.

After a half-hour of Google-fu - it gets even better. Here's a downloadable bootleg QuickTime movie of several episodes, courtesy of AiT/Planet Lar.

I've also found a new set of Flash animation Stevie and Zoya episodes. They don't look all that interesting, sadly. But then, they're probably not from Joe Horne, but just from some undertalented fanboy.

Tom's new venture: Warrior Poet Consulting

With my workshop at the Well this Friday, May 16, I'll be launching a new venture: Warrior Poet Consulting. Under that brand I plan to provide workshops and other training and coaching to help people develop their creativity and cultivate personal excellence.

We'll see how it goes. Still trying to figure out step 2 of the business plan:

1. Relentless self-promotion.
2. ?
3. Profit!

progress on several fronts; the mother/daughter dynamic

Went to the anniversary party for hanging out at Joe Squared across the street. There was a woman at the reading who remembered me from poetry night at the Bohemian, must be a dozen years ago, I think she was a teenager at the time. Ah, memories.

a balanced day

On the train up to New York - Kyoshi and Sensei Sandy taking their promotions tonight, I plan to be there in the morning, offer congratulations, help out with the kumite portion for lower dan tests.

Today was a balanced day - taught karate in the morning, shiatsu in the afternoon. Here's how to kill people; here's how to heal people.

open mic at Cacao Lane; Buddha at the bar

Went to the open mic at Cacao Lane Wednesday, played a few songs - longest I've played since I crushed my finger, and didn't have any pain. Hooray!

Interesting episode afterwards:

the Buddha said, "do not drink alcohol"
I've never quite agreed with the Buddha on that one

and he's not
here, now
sitting at this bar
next to a young man who wants to buy us all shots
to toast the memory of his dead girlfriend

if I were the Buddha
maybe I could say something amazing about the
illusory nature of birth and death
that would help ease his pain

but I am not the Buddha

a song about Marion

St Paddy's Day - or Irish Pride day, as I prefer to think of it... down to Leadbetters for a few in honor.

For a while I've had just a line or two from a potential song about me sainted Irish grandmother in the back of my head...

This is a song about Marion
A girl I never knew
An Irish lass from Baltimore town
With a heart so sweet and true

Now Marion could play the blues
In a dark and smoky bar
Or she could sing a hymn so sweet
T'would make your soul see stars

This is song about Marion
A girl I never knew
An Irish lass from Baltimore town
With a heart so sweet and true


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