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Free Spirit Gathering 2008: I spun fire!

I spun fire!

Just back from FSG. Got to light up my fire poi and spin at the bonfire last night. Yay.

An interesting night - a strong storm came through and knocked out power. Our scheduled performance was a magic show with Jeff and Abbi McBride (a.k.a. Magnus and Spinner); being troupers, they offered to do a show by candlelight and flashlight. But someone came up with a generator - just enough power to run stage lights and sound - and the show was a blast.

We were expecting a second line of storms, but it apparently split and went north and south of us (which was a wild thing to have happen), so with no more rain we had a good bonfire.

I had posted about not getting my poi in time for PDF, and Kate responded that I ought to bring them to FSG. She passed word on to Hobbit, who set me up and we spun last night. (Well, early this morning, technically.) Flame on!

Funny thing - from inside, the fire didn't seem hot or intimidating at all. I was more worried about hitting myself with the poi and bruising than burning - they're a lot heavier than the light-up or flag poi.

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