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progress on several fronts; the mother/daughter dynamic

Went to the anniversary party for hanging out at Joe Squared across the street. There was a woman at the reading who remembered me from poetry night at the Bohemian, must be a dozen years ago, I think she was a teenager at the time. Ah, memories.

Good progress on several fronts past few weeks; the contract work on the house is done (I still have painting and the like to do, and have to find someone to rent the room); first drafts for two more chapters for the book almost done (just one more editing pass); the basics of the current project for the day job set up, just integration details to go; and taxes done. Which means big check to the IRS and Maryland comptroller but also a bunch of paperwork done, irrelevant records able to the thrown out and relevant ones filed away, out of the way.

Had an interesting shiatsu session today. Or rather, the preliminaries were interesting. Mother and daughter, mother 72, polyester pantsuit old lady from Houston, no experience with bodywork or energy healing, daughter had set her up for a "chakra balancing" session and I was going to do shiatsu on the daughter. Mom was...skeptical. No idea what it was all about. And very set in her picture of self as a sick old lady beyond help.

Her practitioner wasn't yet ready, so they turn to me to explain what it's all about. But it all turns into a mother-daughter dialog; keeping in mind that the daughter is my client, I hang back and listen, let it play out. The chakra practitioner came out, gave her spiel, they talked mom into going through with it. I did my session on the daughter - it was halfway through before she stopped talking about mom and could relax into her session. Mom's session apparently went well, she's a convert now. Interesting energetic thing going on there, the whole mother/daughter thing...


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