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Japan 2007 - spring

Tom at Jizo-in, Kyoto

This is me at the path in to Jizo-in temple, on the outskirts of Kyoto. It is situated in a lovely bamboo grove.

grounds of Kasuga

In the grounds outside Kasuga; the famous stone lanterns, one of the famous deer of Nara, and a tori in the background.

PL Peace tower, sakura, and Liz taking photo

PL, "Perfect Liberty", is an, um, interesting, religious group. The grounds of their HQ outside Osaka are quite pretty in the sakura season. This is my friend Liz getting a photo of the "Peace Tower" through the branches.

Jizou shrine outside Kofukuji

Jizou statues in Nara, just outside Kofukuji

Pagoda of Unusual Size

This, at Kofukuji, Nara, is the second highest pagoda in Japan.

Pagodas evolved out of stupas, Indian Buddhist mounds that originated as burial sites for relics of the historical Buddha.

cleaning the dojo floor

students at Kansai Seido cleaning the floor after class

Sakura picnicers, Osaka

cherry blossom partiers

"America Town"

This definitely lets you know you're in "Ame-mura" or "Amerika-mura", "America Town", downtown Osaka near Shinsaibashi.


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