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Japan 2007 - spring

Edo-period farmhouse

at the Open-air museum of old farmhouses in Osaka

cave shrine

small shrine/altar in a cave near Nanzen-ji, Kyoto

Buddhist cemetary

near Nanzen-ji

Zen garden, Hojo at Nanzen-ji, Kyoto

one of the gardens at the main hall at Nanzen-ji

viewing the cherry blossoms

Nanzen-ji, Kyoto

Shinto shrine at Imamiya

one of the Shinto shrines at the Imamiya complex, Kyoto

bees don't know about Zen temples

bee in flower bush, Daitokuji, Kyoto

old Buddha carvings, Daitokuji, Kyoto

Old Buddha carvings/statues, Daitoku Temple, Kyoto


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