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Japan 2007 - spring

room at the guest house at Tekishinjuku, Kyoto Kokusai Zendo

This is the room where I stayed at the Zen center. It's not in the temple itself but in an lovely old farmhouse just down the road.

cards from the kids

cards from some of the kids at the Kansai Seido dojo

A-bomb dome, Hiroshima

The Hiroshima bomb exploded just about over this building, which is now maintained as a memorial.

at Basho's childhood home

At Basho's ancestral home, in Iga Ueno

marching band on the streets of Kyoto

a marching band from a local university, on a Tuesday night in Kyoto.

Lake Biwa

on the shore of Lake Biwa

At Basho's grave

At the grave of haiku master Matsuo Basho, in Otsu, near Lake Biwa.


group of large tanuki figures. The tanuki, a sort of racoon-dog, is a trickster figure in Japanese folklore, known for his love of sake and his large testicles.

It's interesting that I've seen these figures at some Zen temples.

Tom at Mukai Kyorai's grave

At haiku poet Mukai Kyorai's grave, noted for it's small (~40 cm high) gravestone.


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