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will someone please smack the folks at

So over at the day job, it looks like we want to upgrade the firmware for the RAID controller on our web server, a Dell PowerEdge. So I poke around and find the file. Great. I'll use wget to download it to the server...

Wait. The buffoons at Dell don't have an actual download link! You've got to go through some Javascript bullshit, meaning you can only download this server support file to a PC.

(Or to a server where you're running a web browser. Do you know what should happen to someone who runs something as insecure as a browser, on a server machine? Bad, bad things.)

So I have to download it to my home box, then sftp it over to the server. A stupid annoyance that would be easily avoided by competent web site design; and so congratulations Dell, you're the winner of this weeks' coveted Sirius Cybernetics Corporation "Go Stick Your Head in a Pig" award.


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