Leather Substitutes Resource Guide


The Real Fake Jacket

Not admitting that it's fake is tantamount to encouraging people to wear the real thing, which sounds hypocritical when you're campaigning against it. So is a self-proclaimed vegetarian wearing one, even if it was given or purchased before he/she became vegetarian. You wear it, you endorse it. That's a clear picture.

I have been an avid

I have been an avid supporter of cork leather ever since I've turned green 5 years ago. It is a great environmentally friendly product that is a great substitute for conventional leather. Unkorkd is a great vendor to look for.

Immigration lawyer

animal-free leather

Hi it's been a while that I have been looking for some alternative to leather. I'm not looking for specific items, I just need the animal-free leather to do some circus props. What kind of material and where can I find it? Can anyone help? Thanks!

Re: animal-free leather

Vegan Wares carries a microfiber material:


Vegan Erotica carries Lorica, another microfiber material:


There is a company that makes motorcycle safety gear out of
Lorica, so it's pretty durable. If you're doing anything that's
supposed to be weight-bearing, though, please test carefully!

Good luck.
Tom Swiss - proprietor, unreasonable.org

Non synthetic leather substitutes?

Hello, I am currently looking to source a vegetarian leather substitute that is not made from synthetic materials which are harmful to the environment, in production and in terms of biodegradability. Do you have any ideas? I am pretty stuck!


Tom - The resources listed above have been of great help to me in my potential vegan business research - thanks a plenty!

Fish Leather

I market a product that my be considered by some as an alternative - it is fish leather, and it is distinguished from other leathers by the absence of most of the chemical pollutants used to remove hair from animals, as fish only have scales that need to be removed. www.sealeatherwear.com.

Doesn't need lessons

People who care about animals doesn't need to be warned or lectured about not using animal leather. Many bike riders like to do heavy leathered fashion so as to prove themselves a bike hunk. If they could think a bit about the origins of their outfit it would definitely picture them out differently. I am also a bike rider but i don't like wearing leather accessories while riding my bike or any other time. Hope everyone could think that way.

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