Part IV: The Rest of The Story

Posted on: Thu, 08/25/2005 - 23:34 By: Tom Swiss

General Hints

Look at the most inexpensive products - they are most likely to be non-leather.

Some vinyl shoes may squeak. Try mineral oil, hand cream, or similar lubricants between the noisy surfaces.

Many patent "leather" looking shoes are synthetic. Again, check the label for "all man-made materials."

"Leatherette" is a brand name of high-quality vinyl, not a form of leather.

List of Contributors

Thanks to the following for sending information. These folks did most of the legwork, I just put it together.

In no particular order:

  • Louise-Annette Burgess 
  • Cheryl Stewart 
  • John Davis 
  • Rob Spray (
  • Kim Laurie 
  • Joe Clark 
  • Tim Tyler 
  • Michael Traub 
  • Tom Billings
  • Shari Dawson 
  • Ashok Katwala 
  • Val Voorheis
  • Graham Hilling 
  • David L. Jackson 
  • Peter Wendel 
  • Tom Fritz
  • Allen Schubert 
  • Andy Bond 
  • Stephanie Peters 
  • Andrew Smallbone
  • Leti (???)
Also, the November/December 1991 issue of the Vegetarian Journal (published by the VRG) carried an article which inspired me to start the FAQ, and the May/June issue carried another nice article on the subject. Thanks to the writers, editors, and staff of that fine publication.
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