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"Manly Arts Day" returns

Thanks to Victor Markland for passing this along: Sunday, September 20th, 10am-4pm,
Western martial arts classes and demos at the "Manly Arts Day"
, at the Hampton National Historic Site (in Towson, MD -- directions here).

Ongoing demonstrations of swordsmanship, fencing, boxing, stick fighting, and more will show skills used by men to defend their honor, homes and country in Colonial times to those used by men and women in the Victorian era. (Although historically viewed as “manly” arts, all are welcome to participate in the exercises and demonstrations.) New this year will be a class on Bartitsu the “Gentlemanly Art of Self Defense” as practiced by Sherlock Holmes, and featured in the upcoming film due for release this fall.

Visitors will be able to view an array of historical weapons and practice their own technique using a variety of safe, wooden swords . Guest instructors include two internationally recognized martial artists and authorities Steven Huff and Mark P. Donnelley. They will be assisted by Park Ranger Victor Markland and members of the Mid-Atlantic Society for Historical Swordsmanship.


We are back at it again. September 19th 2010 Manly Arts Day returns for its 5th year of Western Martial Arts lectures and demonstrations. This year the theme is "Up Close and Personal". We will look at the seemingly more intimate quality of danger in the 19th Century compared to 21st in both military and civilian contexts. Lots of fun. Internationally known expert instructors Steve Huff and Mark P Donnelly.

Hope that you all can come.

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