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Jan 28st Zelda's exercises

First exercise: "Extrapolations". Given a set of objects (what I had in my bag: a pair of scissors, a Chicago Transit Authority card, a big glass marble, two green rubber bands, a set of plasticware, and a digital camera), describe the room from which all these things came.

the table by the window is covered with photos, torn magazine pages, x-acto knives and razor blades and a few different sizes of scissors
all scattered on a cutting board
a camera on top of a stack of prints
on the corner of the table a clear plastic clamshell salad container, dried French dressing crusting it and the white plastic knife and fork, soaked in to the c
rumpled-up napkin
two green rubber bands, which had held the container together on the way home, hang around the tip of an upright bottle of white glue

on the windowsill, a scattering of random shiny things: a violet glass marble;
$1.09 in change - three quarters, three dimes, and four pennies, the most change
possible without being able to break a dollar;
small vials of glitter, red, silver, gold

on the unmade bed, on top of wadded blanket, carelessly-tossed jeans and a t-shi
rt, crumpled-up one and five dollar bills and receipts, a creased transit card,
a retractable ball-point pen with the pocket clip broken off


Second exercise: a wordlist poem
wordlist theme: things you wouldn't want to put in your pocketbook

whiskey & coke, /used condom, /blood, worms, /spam, /brick, poo, /sun, olive oil
, ox tail, bra, /scorpion, /polonium, /fully loaded .44 magnum, smart mouse

he was impersonally dangerous
like an agitated scorpion or a fully loaded and cocked .44 magnum with a hair trigger or a block of toxic radioactive polonium
his mere presence made you feel unclean
like seeing a brick of spam rotting in the sun, crawling with worm and maggots
like finding a bloody used condom on the sidewalk

he was a creature of a realm most of us would just as soon forget
a throwback to a more primitive and slimy age in evolution
before the mammalian brain developed, before fur and live-born young
(you couldn't help but imaging him hatching from an egg, not a bird egg but a leathery reptile egg, or maybe gelatinous amphibian egg, living as a mutated tadpole-like being in a sewer somewhere before growing into his present form)

you could not imagine him as a baby
and as a child, the only image that came to mind was the sort who pulled wings o
ff flies, shot squirrels and cats with a slingshot

this is the one you have to learn to love


Actually, you can have $1.19 without being able to break a dollar; 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies.

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