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The return of Sara and Desmond's!

I just heard from my housemate that she's spotted a sign in Ellicott City - "Sarah and Desmond's Coming Soon". My favorite vegetarian coffeehouse returns! And the new location is right next to The Well, how convenient!


I kill and vegans. trying get law pass international to send all vegans to death camps.

Thanks for your insightful criticism of veganism, I'm sure readers will give it all the consideration it deserves.

Tom Swiss - proprietor, vegan, and i think you WILL die if you keep eating the gross and foul foods you eat. After all you do eat flesh.. Canable.

I have been by the stores new location and it is looking really good! Can't wait for it to open up again.

Not sure this place was worth the wait. I have given it three chances and the food is always great, but the wait was at least 30 minutes for a sandwich. And it seems the owner is the one cooking!! He prefers to chat it up with fellow EC people than to get the meals out. Too bad, again great food.

i work up the street from S&D's, and they are NOTORIOUSLY slow. Most of my co-workers love that place and go 1-2 times a week but get sooooo frustrated with the wait! It doesn't make any sense. Yes, S&D do love to talk - both of them!!
It is worth the wait, if you plan accordingly and aren't ravenous when you get there! :)
of course i love animals - eating chicken especially, so i don't go there much!

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