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January 27: march on Washington, D.C., to tell Congress to end the war

Thousands of people will come to Washington on January 27th to tell the new Democratic Congress to do the job for which it was elected: to stop Bush's war. Demonstrators are asked to assemble on the Mall, between 3rd and 7th Streets, at 11 am; march begins 1pm.

Flyers can be downloaded from


Ok all of you cowards, when we lose this war on terrorism--and remember that we are at war because we were attacked worse than Dec 7, 1941, you can fight the Muslim hordes here in America. See if your wonderfil, spineless Democratic party will help you then.

I don't recall Iraq ever attacking the United States.

I do recall, quite well, an act of mass murder on September 11, 2001, commited by men from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, and the UAE. Boy, it sure would have been nice to spend the money and manpower we're wasting killing people in Iraq to find the SOBs responsbile for that one.

But the invasion and occupation of Iraq is not just a distraction from the "war on terrorism" (as if one can fight a war against abstract nouns), it's in fact a wonderful recruiting drive for terrorists.

The idea that somehow we're going to be invaded by hordes of rampaging extremist Muslims if we end the Iraq clusterfuck would be silly if it weren't so paranoid and xenophobic.

Tom Swiss - proprietor,

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