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a true Valentine's story

A true story, from my friend Heather:

I've never really thought much of greeting card holidays like Valentines day but when my son was little they made the kids bring Valentines and food/candy to school for a party each year. So, this one particular year, like the good Mom I was, I diligently sat and addressed all of the cards (again) for the kids in his class and baked chocolate cupcakes for the party. Very carefully my son and I frosted the cupcakes and put a little candy heart on top of each pretty...the kind with little messages written on them like "be mine" and stuff like that. As an adult, Valentines day has been nothing but a disappointment to me but I thought kids should do it if that was what the school was doing...etc... And my son wanted to win the heart of a certain little red headed girl with his pretty card and expert baking skills.

The afternoon after the party my son came home from school and was in rare form because the kids had gorged themselves on sugar and then ended up fighting with each other and getting into trouble....not a good day at all. He ended up fighting with the little girl who was the current object of his affection. He was miserable. I explained that it meant nothing really and that to build Valentines day up in your mind to be full of romance was just setting yourself up for disappointment because it might not live up to your expectations. I told him that it was really just another day and that if we really liked someone we should make sure everyday to show them some kindness. Not just wait and buy into the hype one day out of the year.

That night before bed, he was in the bathroom and yelled to me "Hey Mom! Come in here quick!". I ran in to see what was the matter. He was laughing so hard he was almost crying and pointed into the toilet. There floating in the water was a big nasty turd with a whole candy heart embedded in it that clearly said "kiss me" . I asked him why it was in there and he said "I don't like those candies so I swallowed them whole when I ate the cupcakes."....funny how the universe works sometimes isn't it? We have never forgotten about that story and are reminded every time we see those awful candy hearts that accepting something you don't really like and going along with it because it seems like the thing to do sometimes is like kissing a big turd..... Not very pleasant, very disturbing and not always a good idea. Lovin' You! Happy Valentines Day even if you are turd kissers!- Heather

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