writing exercise: is not going away

Karla's bachelorette party this weekend seems to have put the kibosh on Zelda's Inferno meeting this weekend. But no reason I can't do a little writing exercise. Let's start with a phrase extracted semi-randomly from the latest Urbanite: "is not going away"

is not going away
it is not going away
it is coming closer
whatever it is
gravity is drawing it in
the essential longing of all things to be together
expressed as a force proportional to the product of the masses and inversely pro
proportional to the square of the distance between them

(more or less, that is, leaving Einstein to nap for the moment)
it is not going away
it is staying in place
staying by your side
will not abandon you

it is not going away
though you wish it would
you hint, "time to go!" as best you can without being rude but
it doesn't get it

it is not going away
this feeling
stuck to your nervous system like bubblegum on your shoe

it is not going away
this infatuation
and you wonder if you have gathered enough fuel for a long-burning fire, if this time the spark has something to catch on

it is not going away
this wonder
this feeling of dwelling in improbability, impossibility
jumping out at you from time to time from behind some innocuous phenomenon
asking you, "what are the odds? how dare you defy them so?"


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