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times of transition

Times of transition...I feel - just a gut feeling - that one phase is ending for me, starting to roll into something else.

Of course a big part of that is the end of my relationship with Cathy,
but more than that, now I think I will start to see the fruition of the
career shift into shiatsu, with my work with The Well; now my karate
program is established, if not yet thriving; now I have changed my
relationship with place, become a traveler, "always roaming with a hungry
heart." Of course the whole balancing and self-knowledge from acupuncture
and my study and practice of shiatsu. Now the book is underway, starting to
gel - which means my ideas of a whole approach to life, a whole philosophy,
are starting to crystallize.

Settling back into my house - and that's another transition, the work
I'm having done, the apartment that will effectively downsize my house -
after Starwood, and FSG, and Japan, after a string of travel. Settling down
knowing I will be hitting the road again - though until the tournament in
November it's just a weekend here (beach training), a weekend there (AOBTA
conference in Boston), maybe try to hit one of the events up a Four
Quarters Farm.

A line running though my head, maybe the first line of a novel someday:
"Every superhero needs a secret headquarters."

I'm at the Brewer's Art now, heading over to Grand Central shortly to
met up with Chris, who's moved back from Las Vegas. Not as interesting a
meeting as I might hope it could be, since she's with her boyfriend, but
still good to see her. Still though, a bit of a theme lately, seeing
Szeretett and Meechi and Emily at Starwood, enjoying a bit of time with
past paramours.

Hmmmm...paradoxical pull of past paramours. Pleasant panacea of physical
love, is it just placebo? Problems probably can't be solved by phallic
interludes..but pleasant to try, eh?


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