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the adventure begins

And so the adventure begins...

Arrived in Osaka Tuesday night, after almost a full day stuffed into flying
metal tubes. Got into a rolling metal box to get from the airport to
Bentencho Station, called my new landlord Andy to meet me there. Just a
few minutes walk to the apartment building; loaded with heavy baggage, I
was grateful for that! Signed papers, dragged my stuff up to my room, and
ran down to the Family Mart for a good old konbu onigiri for dinner (and
beer, of course).

Yesterday, shopping; hit the 100 yen for various housewares, bought a bike
(more on that later), stocked up on groceries. Mundane but pleasant; a
place is not home if there's no food there. Sent some e-mail from my
rental phone, as my internet service isn't up yet.

Today: went running. Some strange looks, not sure if usual gaijin looks or
"what is this fool doing running around like that" looks, but so it goes.
Waited for cable guys only to find out they're coming tomorrow, not today.
Came over to Umeda, was told there's a place here with wifi (no luck yet)
and I'm trying to find a music store I remember (realized I left my guitar
tuner in Baltimore). Now, iced coffee in "Dubb", in the Yobodashi
building, as I write.

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