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the Franken/Coleman recount

Take a look at some of the contested ballots in the Minnesota Senate race at BAGnewsNotes.

I'm writing in "Lizard People" for Congress in 2010.



I don't know if the people with the Mickey Mouse, God, and Lizard People write ins know this, but there's a good chance your ballot gets thrown out without any of your choices registered when you attempt to be a clever little smart ass. I'm not saying "you" are a clever little smart ass, just the dude who wrote in lizard people.
Where I live, only registered valid write ins are acceptable, or else it makes your ballot null and void.
So that guy would be better off writing lizard people on his own ass, rather than on a ballot.
I wish Al Franken had been on my ballot. About all we had on ours was an anti-environment asshole named Sylvia Tenney Allen. She and her equally planet destroying nephew should be strung up by their balls.

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