sleep and love (Starwood workshop writing exercises)

At my Tuesday morning workshop, "Sparking a Creative Inferno"...about a dozen people here, not bad for a 10am slot...

First exercise: a wordlist, generated from the theme "sleep":

pleasant hat dream peace dance snuffles restless blanket nuzzle tired
coffee lack now wonderful

restless in this place
tired and alone
a blanket not enough to warm me
there is one I think of

I remember our dance
firelight warm on her face
her hips under my arm swaying to the drumbeat
lulling me into a wonderful dream of more still more pleasant closeness

but now I lie alone
the dream remains a dream
(for now at least...)

Second exercise: supported free write: "love is rarely as clear as the
reflections of a log on the water"

love is rarely as clear as the reflections of a log on the water, it is more like an iceberg, mostly hidden, we only see the very hint, the very suggestion

love is rarely clear, it is muddled, disturbed, for it comes out of our own souls, turbulent and turbid, muddy rapid wind-tossed streams not clear still pools

love is rarely clear, it is colored, sometimes almost opaque, with the smokes and paints and stains of past experiences...stained glass windows hide the sky, tell a lie

love is rarely clear, love is rarely clear as the reflection, love is usually a reflection, we see what we send out, we see what we expect or hope to see...we cannot bear too much truth

love is rarely as clear as the reflection of a log on the water, love floats downstream like a log, love was cut down by lumberjacks and dragged down the hillside to the riverbank, and then floated downstream, love was made into a raft, gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhisvahva, love is a raft on which we cross, and what happens to the raft at the end of the journey? let it float free for others to find

love is rarely as clear as the reflection of a log on the water, but how clear is that? people see a floating log and think up the Loch Ness monster. and love is even less clear than that? no wonder, no wonder, no wonder I am so lost and confused.


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