please don't act stupidly enough to make me call the cops

Posted on: Thu, 09/16/2010 - 22:47 By: Tom Swiss

Being of an anarchic -- or Zenarchic -- disposition, I really hate to call the cops. I'd rather, to the extent possible, have people talk out their problems as a community of equals, rather than throwing "authority", with its dangers into the mix.

But when I see two young idiots racing their go-karts on the rainy street, presenting a hazard to navigation and raising the potential for traffic accidents, my choices are 1) let it go, and if an accident is caused, ah well; 2) try to chase them down on foot and, if I catch them, give them a stern talking-to; 3) try to chase them down on foot and, if I catch them, take more direct action, like pulling a wire out of their noisy little engines, or 4) call it in to the BCPD, knowing that not much is likely to come of it but at least I've done what I could.

Please, folks: don't behave in such a stupid manner that I have to make decisions like this. Thanks.

i found your blog while i was searching for a picture of my sister, Tracey Tressler.

Your blog appeals to me on several levels, and I like the Shaw quote at the top.

I was thinking of Shaw's preface to his play St. Joan while writing a post myself, so it is a bit of an odd coincidence.