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note to a friend

Note to a friend who asks, "you seem so centered and peaceful. everything about you... you have a very deep color about you. it's crazy. in fact, it drives me crazy because i would like to be as calm but thus far it has eluded me. what's your secret?"

Oh, the irony...I've been feeling anything but calm and centered the last week - ended up dateless at the last minute on New Years, got my car window busted out by some random punk, have been dealing with idiots at the body shop trying to get that fixed. GRRRRRRR!!!!! Today it was an accomplishment to have not punched anyone in the nose. (Well, the day's not over yet...)

Secret? I dunno. Don't forget to breathe. Remember that this too shall pass - don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive, as Bugs Bunny once said. Really, people seem to think I'm a lot more deep than I really am...

I suppose if I have any sense of calm or centeredness about me, it's because as a kid I had a lot of anger, and realized that I was either going to have to cultivate calm, or end seriously hurting someone.

On a lighter note...

Telesma and All Mighty Senators are two great Baltimore bands. Almighty Senators is a funk band that my friends and I have been into since the around 1990 (um, does that make me old?):

Telesma is a...well, they are their own genre. Didgeridoo meets electronics, with drums and chants and all kinds of wild stuff. I was privileged a few years ago to be dating a woman who lived in the same house as one of the founders, and so get to hear the early experimentation that gave birth to the band.

For me, having them both at the same show is, I dunno, like puppies and sunshine and wine and sex and all good things.


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