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three weeks left

Nasty rainy day yesterday...had planned on going out for karate in Nishinomiya, but my obi was not to be found! Hopefully I left it in Sakai on Wednesday, else, damn.

Instead spent all day working on the day job, about 10 hours, then couldn't sleep and got up for another hour or so of hacking. Slept poorly, woke up feeling slightly nauseated; had been thinking about going out to Ise today but am not up for the trip, decided to go out to Mino-o instead, closer, a little hike up to the waterfall should be nice.

Just over three weeks left! Three months seemed like such a long time to be here, now as I enter the home stretch I wonder about what I won't be able to fit in. Still, significant writing done toward the book; some education on Shinto and Japanese Buddhism accomplished; music played; karate taught; a few words of Nihongo learned; diverse and interesting things seen. Not a bad way to pass the time.

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