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LAPD assaults immigration demonstrators

According to CNN, the LAPD today opened fire on and assaulted protesters engaging in a demonstration for immigration reform.

In Los Angeles, California, police in riot gear fired rubber bullets to disperse a crowd at MacArthur Park at the end of a day of peaceful rallies at the park and at City Hall. Witnesses said police gave no warning before moving in around 6 p.m.

Police said a protester had knocked down a motorcycle officer.

No arrests or serious injuries were reported.

Footage broadcast on CNN International shows cops clubbing people to the ground for not clearing the area quickly enough, and threatening those who attempted to turn back to help fallen friends.

CNN's coverage downplayed the danger of rubber bullets; they are less lethal than metal ones, certainly, but people are killed by them on occasion.

Regardless of one's opinion on the complex questions of immigration, this is abhorrent infringement on free speech.


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