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Women bombarding Edward Snowden with nude pictures

You thought unsolicited nudes were a guy thing, patriarchy in action? Maybe not so much.

Edward Snowden is being 'bombarded with nude pictures' and he's sick of it (mirror)

Edward Snowden is reportedly becoming tired of receiving graphic nude pictures from his female admirers.

The fugitive whistle blower said he was flattered by all the women who bombarded him with "Christmas presents", but reminded them he had a girlfriend.


According to Motherboard , there is little doubt the "presents" Snowden alluded to were actually photos of ladies with no clothes on.

The "Christmas presents" are flattering, ladies, but the FBI has a warrant. #AndIHaveAGirl
— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) January 18, 2016

"I can neither confirm nor deny it means exactly what you think it means," Snowden said.

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