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Bmore PD shows why "good cops" are a rarity

The "blue wall of silence" strikes again. American policing has been thoroughly corrupted by this culture, and as a result any citizen dealing with an LEO must assume the worst until proven otherwise. Good cops would like to change that, but this culture does its damnedest to either push those good cops out or corrupt them.

City Police Detective Plans To Leave After Alleged Intimidation - CBS Baltimore

A Baltimore City police detective who claims he’s been intimidated on the job is leaving the force. He says he’s been harassed since testifying against fellow officers who were convicted in a misconduct case.


Detective Joe Crystal will no longer be a member of the Baltimore City police force. His lawyer says his work environment has become intolerable since Crystal testified against an officer and sergeant who were later convicted of misconduct. That intimidation against Crystal included somebody putting a dead rat on his windshield.

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