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Obama interrupts The Price Is Right, the masses get pissed

And this is why we are doomed.

I still recall the horror of daytime TV from when I was kid, home from school sick and feeling too wiped out to even read. I would have welcomed any breaking news that interrupted the mind-numbing flow of game shows and talk shows. Especially The Price Is Right, I developed a specific loathing for that show.

President Obama Interrupts The Price Is Right; Twitter Reacts (Yahoo News)

And if there is one thing evident after scrolling through the tweets, it is that people do not like their hour of "The Price Is Right" interrupted by anyone — even the Commander In Chief.

"Unless Godzilla is attacking the Eastern seaboard, Obama doesn't need to be interrupting the Price is Right," tweeted Amanda Marie, a viewer. Although, the fact that she wrote that makes you wonder if she would still be upset over missing the Card Game.

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