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Netanyahu doubles-down on the crazy

"Netanyahu said...the move was vital at a time when aspects of Israel's legitimacy were "under a constant and increasing assault from abroad and at home". Well, gee, Bibi, why do you think that legitimacy is in question? You just go ahead and keep pouring gasoline on that fire, I'm sure that will put it out.

A nation that defines itself as being "the nation state of one people only", ipso facto does not guarantee equal rights for all citizens. We tried that "separate but equal" thing here, as you may recall. Israel is trapped in a double bind of its own making.

Netanyahu pushes to define Israel as nation state of Jewish people only (the Guardian)

Binyamin Netanyahu will push ahead with a rare change to Israel's basic laws – which amount to the country's constitution – to insist Israel is "the nation state of one people only – the Jewish people – and of no other people".


The proposed law would be in addition to Israel's declaration of independence of May 1948 – the anniversary of which is celebrated on Tuesday – which defines Israel as a Jewish state.

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