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shakuhachi in Osakajo-koen

Tuesday, went to Osakajo-koen just to get outside a little bit. Slightly chilly but great cherry blossoms, all sorts of picnickers out drinking under the trees. I took my shakuhachi and found a quiter spot to sit a play for a while. Some odd looks from passers-by, but not too many or too strong.

There was some sort of bonsai exhibition and sale right by Morinomiya Station - some really big and expensive (like up to about $3,000) pieces, right down to a little twisted 500 Yen pine seedling that I bought (though I don't know if there's enough sunlight in my apartment to keep it alive.)

Yesterday I did some work on the Infernal Machine, looked up some stuff about configuring the new servers and caught up copying stuff over to the blog; then down to Sakai City for karate training. A good time. Senpai Kuwa's students have decided to throw me a saionyara party the end of May (hmmm. maybe that just means they'll be glad to see me go...)

Today I had planned to meet with Liz and go to a sakura street festival. Didn't make the rendezvous but walked around the festival for a few hours, saw some good jugglers/street performers, knoshed a bit, bought a pair of geta (that might be too small for my big American feet, we'll see how they break in). Now grabbing a bite at Slices before heading over to Club Zerro, where Eric is going to play at an improv jazz/hip-hop night.

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