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We've replaced this subject's regular life with three months in Japan. Let's see what happens...

Experiment progress report, subject TMS0512:

After one month out of its accustomed environment,the organism seems to have adapted well to new surroundings. Through exploration and experimentation it has located new foods and food sources, some familiar, some radically different. It has established a small nest, in which it generally resides comfortably, though occasionally apparently missing the spaciousness of its former abode.

Physically, the organism has benefited from increased activity (bicycling and walking much more due to the absence of a car) and a decrease in availability of familiar "junk" foods (though consumption of french fries, or "furaido poteto", during bar sessions may be a cause for some concern). While a scale is not available it is anticipated that a few pounds of fat have been lost.

Emotionally, the subject organism oscillates between desire to return to its home and desire for further study and new experiences in the current environment; it is observed at some times to state that is prepared to return, and then at others that it wishes to remain longer.

This "double bind" may have significant implications in the future. However, for the moment we are satisfied to call the experiment a qualified success in terms of results-to-date.

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