Boy 'Recklessly' Tasered After He Refused To Wash Cop's Car: Lawsuit (The Huffington Post)

The latest installment of Cops Gone Wild: Boy 'Recklessly' Tasered After He Refused To Wash Cop's Car: Lawsuit Says

The officer reportedly asked a group of boys who wanted to clean his patrol unit, the lawsuit said. The boy, identified as "R.D." in the complaint, said he didn't want to.

Webb allegedly pointed his Taser at the boy and said, "Let me show you what happens to people who do not listen to the police."

According to the suit, he then shot "two barbs into R.D.'s chest." The shock hit the boy with 50,000 volts into his body, causing the boy to temporarily lose consciousness and leaving with scarring from the Taser's barbs, according to the suit.


The Smoking Gun reports that, in a memo to supervisors, Webb said he had removed the Taser cartridge before showing the device to a group of kids earlier that day, then he forgot that he reloaded it before Tasing the boy.


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