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airline security remains a joke

Surprising no one who's been paying attention, it turns out the despite the body scanners, the "gate rape", and the rest of the security theater to which the TSA has subjected us, it remains so easy to get utility knives ("box cutters") on to planes that you can do it by accident. According to the AP, the TSA is sending three screeners at Kennedy airport (in New York) back for remedial training after they let a passenger carry three knives onto a JetBlue flight: "The box cutters fell out of the passenger's carry-on luggage as he was stowing it in an overhead compartment on Flight 837 to Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, on Saturday night, authorities said. Police evacuated the flight and questioned the passenger, who said he used the box cutters for his work and had forgotten to take them out of his bag."

You know what? One guy with a utility knife -- hell, six guys with utility knives -- are no match for a plane full of passengers. In the post-9/11 world where letting attackers take over the pilot's seat is no longer an option, nobody's hijacking a flight with anything sharp and pointy. Can we please get over The Fear, direct our screening efforts at explosives and illegal firearms, and stop harassing people for carrying legitimate tools on their person or in their carry-on?


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