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playing into Bin Laden's hands

Let's say you're a wacko hiding out in the mountains of Afghanistan, and you really hate Americans. You'd really like to kill a bunch of them, even if you'd have to put your own life at risk.

Problem is, Americans are halfway across the world. What you'd really like is someone to deliver some Americans to your doorstep.

I'm sure, then, that you'd be overjoyed to learn that Obama is going to send you 34,000 more targets.

This wacko who wants American troops to come to him to be killed is not hypothetical. According to Abdel Bari Atwan, editor in chief of Arabic newspaper Al-Quds Al Arab, in a 1996 interview Osama Bin Laden said, “I can’t fight the Americans on the American mainland. It is too far. But if I succeed in bringing the Americans where I can find them, where I can fight them on my own terms, on my turf, on my own ground, this will be the greatest success."

So I'm sure Bin Laden is thrilled that Bush and Obama have played right into his hands and given him what he most wants: convenient American targets. Why bother to set up intricate and expensive terrorist operations to kill them on their home turf, when they send their naive youth and nationalistic true believers to your doorstep for your murderous pleasure?


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