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faked photo from teabagger's protest

We've already discussed how the astroturfers behind the teabagger protest on Friday couldn't count the number of people there, and then lied about ABC being a source for their grossly inflated estimate.

But wait -- there's more.

To show their numbers, they've been circulating a photo of a packed National Mall. The problem is, it's not from this weekend.

This is clear from what's missing -- the National Museum of the American Indian, which opened five years ago, isn't in the picture. The photo in question is apparently from a 1997 "Promise Keepers" rally.

In every photo and video I've seen of this "event", it looks like there are a lot of people -- crowded in front of the camera. If you look in between you can see that the crowd is as shallow as an insurance industry lobbyist's ethics.


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