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Save the Nag Champa!

LOL. Save the Nag Champa!

All over India, there is a crisis of epic proportions. The poor and defenseless Nag Champa are being hunted and killed to create the oils for incense and candles. The wonderful musky odor of the Nag Champa has been a favorite of many spiritual leaders, new movement organizations, and young people all over the world. Little did anyone know until recently that the only way to produce the sent of Nag Champa is to capture and remove the sent gland from these poor little creatures? The Nag Champa has one natural enemy - the human. Please help me to stop this barbaric act against such a peaceful little animal. There are only 2000 Nag Champa left in the wild today

(And the origin of this gag seems to be local head shop. Now I've got to stop in there the next time I feel the need for a tie-dye t-shirt...)

(Speaking of Nag Champa...a few years back our good friend Cathy D. accidentally left a grocery bag with apples and a box of Nag Champa in her car for a few days. Just a hint of the incense infused itself into the apples. Delicious!)

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