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Zelda's exercise, Dec 3

This week's Zelda's exercise: a poem portraying the self as an inanimate object

a drop of rain
I am separate for a moment
distinct from air ground ocean wood

I have my boundary, my undoubtable inside and outside
I hold together, even as I change shape

I reflect the world around me

I am falling toward a destiny I cannot see, cannot fully know as I am now

a drop of rain a drop of rain a drop of rain
small by myself, almost insignificant
but always part of a larger movement -
as unique as I am there are many like me

when I come in winter I am adorned, beautiful;
when I come in summer after drought I am all but worshiped;
when I come in fall I clear away the dead leaves;
when I come in spring I bring the flowers

sometimes you will curse me
sometimes you will bless me

in the end I will soak into the ground
or merge with the ocean
I will be trees and grass and animals and fog and dew and piss and beer and blood and ice

I will lose my form, though every bit of me survives

other drops of rain will inherit me, reincarnate me molecule by molecule

so as I fall I have no fear

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