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Zelda's exercise, Oct 1

From Zelda's Inferno, another writing exercise. This time, the objective was to make up one-liners and puns (sort of along the lines of the Tom Swifty), using the following word list:

skating catch tackle boring balls base block dirt score play kick competiton fans field cheer watch

Silly, but kind of fun.

- the crackhead who should have never gotten to first base

- do you play soccer? ah, just for kicks.

- And now with the dirt on the O's new infield, here's sports reporter Heywood Yabuzzov

- He grew up playing football. We knew he'd be a defensive linebacker from the way he played with his blocks.

- He'd be good behind the plate, but the catch is it's hard to find a left-handed catchers' mitt

- The problem was, the team didn't have the balls to practice hard. So they sent someone to Sports Authority to get some more.

- The referees' union negotiations weren't going well. But they knew the score. They'd have to tackle the issue of pension reform, in order to provide safety to their retirees. They couldn't pass on this opportunity; if they did, there'd be a big financial penalty.

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