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running into the New Year; wind as metaphor

A supremely windy New Year's Eve (winds 25 to 35 mph with gusts up to 60, according to the weather service), bringing to mind all the metaphors of "winds of change". And also a Wednesday, the day I usually go running. So I headed out, and right at the start as soon as I turned on to Edmondson Avenue, bam! Into a headwind which was like a hand holding me back. Fortunately that was just for a short bit, once I got into the woods on the Trolly Trail I was screened from the wind by the trees and the lay of the land.

But after a while, I turned around and came back; and so at the end of my run, from the same wind I got a tailwind, speeding me along.

And I'll let you judge what sort of portent or metaphor that is. In any event, Happy New Year!


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